Thai Minor International invests $226 million in Spain’s NH Hotels

Thai Minor International NH hotels

MINT strikes hard

$225.79 million (192 million euros) here is the amount of stake that the South Asian company bought in Spain-based NH Hotel Group SA on wednesday to grow its hospitality footprint in Europe.

Minor International will take an 8.6 percent stake in the 382-hotel European chain. The acquisition was funded through bank loans. “The investment is financially attractive, with high liquidity on the Madrid Stock Exchange and proven performance by the business,” Chief Executive of Minor Hotels, Dillip Rajakarier, said in a statement. NH Hotels was benefiting from the improving European economy, Rajakarier said, adding that hotels in Spain, Benelux, Central Europe and Italy would be major growth drivers. Minor, which also operates restaurants in Asia, could “support the NH hotels with its food and beverage expertise,” Rajakarier said.

The acquisition is the latest in Minor’s growing hospitality portfolio. In 2016, the company acquired Portugal’s Tivoli Hotels for $320 million.