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Las Vegas Hotels

Talking about numbers in Vegas is like talking surfing in Los Angeles.

Born in 1855, Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It is the 31st largest city in the United States, and the fifth most affected by the crisis of 2008. With its average of 150,000 hotel rooms, it is the first hotel city in the world. It is also the thirtieth municipality and the thirtieth urban area of ​​the country. Vegas is also an area of ​​340 Km2, 37 golf courses, 620m above sea level, 315 sunny days a year …

Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada, with approximately 596,000 inhabitants (two-thirds of Nevada’s total population).
There are more men than women with 50.6% for these gentlemen.
Since 1980, the population has quadrupled because of the pleasant climate (and the party?) That attracts people.
Following the crisis of 2008, the price of real estate fell by 41%.
4,000 m2 of land on the Strip costs 11 million dollars, or 1 million for 364 m2.
Las Vegans and Las Veganes
The average age of a Las Vegan is 35 (still a relationship with the party? Surely.)
English is the official language although Spanish is also very popular.
Initiating divorce proceedings costs about $ 450.
60,000 people move to Las Vegas every year.
The sousous and its sources
All tourists everywhere
Vegas welcomes every year between 35 and 40 million tourists a year: It is the tourism that makes the city live. Mac Carran Airport is the 10th busiest airport in the world.
25% of visitors come from Los Angeles.

Las Vegas, a city of attractions

120,000 couples who get married in Vegas each year, and a marriage license costs around $ 35.
1,500 lovers (or not) choose to unite on Valentine’s Day.
There are 330 weddings a day, in the 50 chapels of the city.
Freemont Street is a covered street that measures 430m long and 27m high, and lights up with 12.5 million light bulbs.
The first topless girls show was held in 1957 at The Dunes.
The “Strip” is not really located in Las Vegas since much of the famous street encroaches on Clark County.
The beautiful hotel and the casinos case
Welcome to Hotel Nevada
The first hotel and casino in Las Vegas was the Golden Gate Hotel, opened in 1906.
There are 124,270 hotel rooms in the city.
The price of a hotel room is around $ 66.
55% of jobs in the city are related to hotels or casinos.
17 of the largest hotels in the United States are in Las Vegas.
The Bellagio has 36 floors, is 155m high, has 3,933 rooms (plus a 33-room extension in 2005) and employs 8,000 people, which is worth $ 1.3 billion. It has water fountains that reach over 75m in height.
15,000 pillowcases are cleaned daily at the MGM Grand Hotel.
To bet is to win (?)
1200 establishments have a gaming license.
Casinos earn an average of $ 9 billion a year.
The average budget for a trip to Vegas is $ 559.
Visitors spend about 3.9 hours playing in one day.
There are 197,144 slot machines in the city.
5% of tourists claim they come to Vegas for something other than gambling. 87% admit that they play during their stay.