Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our journalists will write and publish an article about your hotel within the next weeks after results if you receive Awards. You will receive an email from us after results to ask for informations you want to communicate about your hotel. 

Official Awards Results are published in our online hotels specialized newspaper first, and shared with other media worldwide. 

We send results by email to Journalists, Travel Agencies, and International Companies ordering travels for their employees and customers. 

Our competition use a combination of big data, AI and human judging processes, so we select judges mainly from B to B travel, food and beverage and services companies, with teams specialized in data and computing engineering. Our jury members are international (Asia – Europe – America – Other Areas).

Each jury member follow the same rating process. They rate more than 130 criteria with a note between 1 and 5. Final average rating is between 1 and 5 for each Hotel. 

A Hotel with a rating below 2,5 in not awarded. 

A Hotel with a rating between 2,5 and 3 is Bronze Awarded.

A Hotel with a rating between 3 and 4 is Silver Awarded. 

A Hotel with a rating above 4 is Gold Awarded. 

Our jury attributes ratings for each Hotel separately, judging the potential of each Hotel for the targeted customers. Our goal is to give a guarantee to travelers that Awarded Hotels have been judged and validated by a professional jury and AI process. The quality is judged as higher than the average quality they could find in the global Hotels industry. 

Yes our physical jury team do live visits of Hotels in a few main locations every year, but we don’t visit all Hotels every year. 

Visits are generally confidential, but sometimes we do inform all Hotels from a country / city of our visit if necessary. (to get new registered Hotels in some Areas)

We do visit Hotels with few data available and not enough data for our AI processes to rate with efficiency. 

80% of our ratings come from AI, big data analyse, and human analyses of testimonials, social media, pictures, and many other criteria. 

During the judging process, our jury can divide Hotels into categories if they need it for our AI softwares.

But each Hotel is judged separately and official results are not sorted by categories.

With our judging process, less than 5% worldwide Hotels can be Awarded. 

Each result depends on the rating from our data analyse (130 criteria), and is not compared with other Hotels. 

We don’t communicate figures about Non-Awarded Hotels.

The difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze Awarded Hotel is huge. 

95% of travelers look for Awards or other Testimonials before booking a new Hotel. 

Awards can provide up to 30% more customers to Awarded Hotels yearly. 

HotelsPaper Awards provides you value and high visibility worldwide. 

If you win Awards, an article will be published about your Hotel: it’s a high value to help you to find new customers and travelers. 

After official results and payment, we send you vectorized files to print your Awards directly on your communication tools and on your website. 

After Official Results and payment we send you all vectorized official certificates for each Awarded Hotels. 

We provide marketing and communication services to Awarded Hotels after results, so we request payment only for Awarded Hotels. 

Of course we have work for other Non-Awarded Hotels too (registration process – judging process and ratings), but we keep it charge free for all Non-Awarded Hotels. 

Cancellation is possible before the registration deadline, you will loose only your $100 deposit. 

After the judging process and Official Results it’s not possible to cancel any Awards. 

On request, we can remove your Awards results from official online list, but the payment of your Awards is due. 

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